Winged Bullet finished!

2008-01-23 10:41:31 by Void24

I just finished my latest game, Winged Bullet! Check it out!


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2008-01-23 12:45:27

It's a really nice game, pretty addicting, cool graphics and great music choice. It's a bit weirdplaying a bllet with wings while hitting flowers to get strength though, haha.


2008-01-23 13:01:55

okay five


2008-01-24 04:29:36

Winged Bullet is excellent.
Keep it up, Void24.


2008-01-28 21:05:28

awesome game man,great work



2008-02-01 21:45:06

Hey Void24, Winged Bullet was quite cool! Iliked the art, but hopefully we'll see something like Year of the Snake again soon? I loved that game!


2008-05-24 14:09:27

Bandit96 wuz here


2008-08-26 14:59:22

I think you need to focus on MAD again. It was one of the greatest and clean flash games i've ever seen, with little glitches or problems. It is fun, challenging, and addicting. I would like to see a sequel or new version as i am sure many other ones.

Winged bullet is going down the wrong path i think. It does not even compare to MAD, and the game isn't that special. It's just a rip off of the helicopter game, and i dont see why it needs to be redone. Wen you compare MAD to Winged Bullet, Winged bullet is nothing, and you'd expect more from the game after playing mad. I think you are better off creating a new mad with new features(but not to new, we still want to have generally the same game and system) and developing similar games.