Entry #4

Bumper Bowl!

2008-11-10 18:31:02 by Void24

Just finished my newest game!

Please check out Bumper Bowl, and I hope you enjoy playing!


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2009-01-11 14:09:38

woa first comment!!
well i thnk that game is awesome,good work mate!


2009-04-03 09:57:41

concuss is stolen


2009-04-03 10:00:44

stolen from armor games and tiltle changed deltete concussion thats the real name


2010-04-13 20:01:12

Nice game! U good void keep it up!

Btw jmelton ur such a retard lol! "Stolen from armor games" Obviously this guy made it and published it on both websites. DUUUUH Its funny how you accused him without any proof or research


2010-06-17 11:38:38

I'm curious, will you by chance be creating a MAD 2? I'd love to see another game with more advancment options. Perhaps an option to go head to head and against a friend as well? Kinda a base VS Base scenario. Also, I'm a bit curious as to the music of the first game... is that an origional creation or is it taken from some other source? Great work!